The Problem Of Drug Trafficking

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The US/ Mexico borderlands are the site of a number of “flows” of goods, people, and ideas over the last century. The US is attempting to increase the “flow” of some goods such as food, but restricting others like illegal immigration and drug trafficking. The US has been trying to stop drug smugglers and illegal immigration by setting some policies. When Salinas became the president of Mexico, his number one priority was to stop drug trafficking and smuggling it into the US so both countries could sit and talk about NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Drug trafficking was and still is the number one problem in Mexico. “During Salina’s six-year term in office, arrests nearly doubled, prominent traffickers were jailed, and principal figures in the Camarena case were convicted.”(Andreas) The Salina’s antidrug offensive helped pacify US critics and paved the way for the passage of NAFTA. But this agreement did not stop drug smugglers, it actually encouraged more drug-related corruption. “As more government resources were devoted to drug control, smugglers responded by devoting more resources to paying off those doing the controlling.”(Andreas) The NAFTA was consider a success in the early years, US Government thought that Salina’s government did very good and it was going to stop drug trafficking. It was not until later that they realized NAFTA was not as good as it looked, Mexican trucks were able to cross the border with food without being checked by the US police, so
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