The Problem Of Drugs And Corruption In The United States

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The problem of drugs is considered one of the most challenging issues for the American society. It is required from the federal government and law enforcement agencies to take effective measures in order to win in the war on drugs. However, the drug trade is one of the most profitable markets in modern world, and a wide range of stakeholders receives multiple benefits from this business. Moreover, it is a common opinion that many authoritative persons in the USA are also connected in some way with the market of illicit drugs and there is no sense for them to struggle with drug dealers as they have their share in this business. Many movies and books describe the seriousness of the drug problem in the USA. For this reason, it can be useful to analyze one movie (Super Fly) and one book (Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America) dedicated to the topic of the drug trade and discuss the major aspects of these works in order to better understand the problem of drugs and corruption in the USA.
II. SUPER FLY Super Fly (1972) is the American blaxploitation crime drama directed by Gordon Parks, Jr. This movie tells the story of the African American cocaine dealer Youngblood Priest, who is striving to earn enough money for exiting the drug business and starting the new life. The main character understand that the drug business is associated with various problems for people and he should try to leave such a life to live more secure traditional life. Youngblood
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