The Problem Of Drunk Driving

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The American people take billions of car trips each year. With all these people driving, crashes are inevitable and unfortunately, one of every three traffic deaths involves drunk driving. The world knows that drunk driving is a serious issue and that it claims too many innocent lives year by year. State governments have taken some steps to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents, yet the cost remains too high. The news of a drunk driving crash grows more appalling when people learn that sometimes, these drivers are in fact repeat offenders to whom the government has already dealt punishments. “About one-third of the problem involves repeat offenders” (“About Drunk Driving”) and it is all the more concerning because these individuals were…show more content…
Heavy fines are currently in place, but are still manageable to be paid. If fines are placed that are almost considered ridiculous, people will be dissuaded to drink and drive for fear of being caught. Many times, people who consume alcohol excessively are those that are in poor financial situations. With fine totals so large, people in such situations will realize, through their reasoning, that while alcohol may be alleviating during the tough times, the consequence of being arrested for a DUI will put them in an even deeper financial hole; one they have no tools to climb out of. Attorneys have “estimated that the average cost for a non-injury, non-property damage DUI is between $5,000 and $12,000” (Stim). If this number was much higher, the chances of a first offence DUI crime would significantly drop. Subsequently, the number of repeat offences may also drop because drivers who suffered financially from the first offence fine would have understood the severity of their actions and their inability to afford another…show more content…
These changes must be heavily enforced on repeat offenders as a result of their negligence of the law on multiple occasions. “While you shouldn't be drinking and driving to begin with, you shouldn't be driving period if you're going to drive drunk over and over again. These people continue to get off with comparative slaps on the wrists” (Kursky). As a result, people who have been convicted more than once for a DUI must lose their license for a period of time. With longer license suspensions and confiscation of vehicles, individuals will be much less likely to even fathom drinking and driving. Not only would they be unable to drive their vehicle for some time, they would not even have a vehicle to drive in the first place. Transportation on the road is an integral part in today’s world and the thought of being unable to travel anywhere is enough to deter any
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