The Problem Of Economics And Violence

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Economics and violence can be seen as closely linked, due to the fact that in news stories today crime is usually associated with poverty. There is hardly a time when I read the news and the headline doesn’t include a story about an area of lower class people being neglected within their own state. When I think about economics the first thing that comes to mind is poverty and inequality. All around the world disparities between the rich and poor, even in the wealthiest of nations is rising quickly. More people are finding it difficult to support their families as well as maintain a steady paying job. Structural violence has a major role in economics when it comes to lower class people feeling under represented by their government officials due to their socio-economic statuses, and access to healthy living. They have no self-determination. The reading points out how “the poor tend to have very little to say in government decision making, which generally takes place on behalf of the wealthy and powerful” (453 Barash & Webel).

One key aspect of structural violence is that it is often hard to see. In states a lot of things are overlooked because everything on the outside looks great. Even more difficult than identifying structural violence is assigning culpability. When people do not have access to the proper medicines whom do you blame? This often times leads to death. According to Jeong, “the world is divided by income gaps between the rich and the poor” (87). This gap has
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