The Problem Of Elderly People

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On 1987, Isaac Shepher founded Life Alert, a service where employment aid elderly people contact emergency services ( health, robberies, injuries, etc.). The rise of the company paved the way for others to join the field in hope to keep elderly people in their homes rather than retirement homes. I believe that Shepher created this company because he knew the risks of someone who is over 65 staying by themselves in a home was very high and wanted to challenge that. He wanted to tackle the fact that one in three adults who are over 65 risk falling, which can lead to concerning injuries. He wanted to lessen the 2.3 million people who were brought to the hospital just because of a fall. To improve the problem of elderly people living in an unsafe and uncomfortable environment, a variety of measure to make their lives better. As a person becomes more delicate, staying home alone becomes difficult, sometimes risky. Health problems could rise chances of accidences in the home where an elderly person is now having a harder time getting around. The threat of falling increases. The reason why adults 65 and older is falling, which results in broken hip bones. Every year, one out of three people adults older fall: 2.3 million are brought to emergency centers just because of said fall and around 662,000were sent to the hospital. The causes are said to be medication, health state, environment and vision hazard, environmental hazard is an important one because it usually deals with the…

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