The Problem Of Electronic Media

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In the previous sections of this paper I have sought to provide the context necessary to understand the significant and sustainable transformation undergone by Croatian media in the years following the Yugoslav Wars of Dissolution. It has been through this analysis that I have endeavored to illuminate some of the many issues facing the Croatian media systems as a whole, and to establish the historical background necessary to understand the current state of media throughout the country. In this section I will argue that the Law on Electronic Media has not only failed to be implemented properly, but that cultural, political, and economic factors have resulted in a climate that has substantiality impaired the ability and willingness of the nation to fully comply with EU standards governing media. I will establish this claim through exploring past and current problems with the Law on Electronic Media relying on scholarly sources and original analysis of a few of the many barriers currently facing the law and its full implementation. While many scholars have sought to understand issues of compliance with EU law across the European Union and among new member states, few studies have sought to examine in depth the failed implementation of a single law. This is an approach I believe to be particularly pertinent to illuminating those issues and underlying problems that may directly impede implementation at the micro-level. The Law on Electronic Media represents the ideal
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