The Problem Of Emergency Room Overcrowding

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Emergency room overcrowding is a major issue throughout not just the United States but in many countries. There have been many strategies on how to combat this issue as patient satisfaction is often being a major variable on hospitals being reimbursed, which interventions are most helpful? One intervention that is gaining more and more popularity is advertising wait times. Through a PICO search with key words of “ED triage” and “patient satisfaction” or “wait times” provided some great original research over the past five years that has been peer reviewed in the Journal of Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians. While multiple research papers came up, the methodology and potential of taking this particular study further was of great interest. This paper will address and evaluate the research problem itself, the design of the study, the sample, how the data is collected, its limitations, and its findings. Furthermore, how does this study impact the overall nursing process? Research Question This research is trying to answer the question of how to reduce overcrowding in emergency rooms? Would people would want to access published wait times provided on the internet, and would this guide a patient make decisions on where they receive their care. The hypothesis being one, crowding maybe reduced with having upfront information, and therefore also provide increased patient satisfaction due to waiting less. Patients would have more choices available to them such as
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