The Problem Of Entering The Underworld

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She smiled brightly before her mind wandered once more, and her expression turned to one of a person who is deeply thinking. “Oh, and, um, I think it’s around here somewhere….” she trailed off, leaving the room. While she suddenly left me, I pocketed the card, relieved we would not have to track down Demeter like all the others. It was one less stress when I knew many more were to come with the prospect of entering the Underworld, something I was not too enthusiastic about myself. I imagined the challenge to be much different from the ones we experienced on the surface, and that was a bit terrifying to think about. I had been lost enough in that realm. Just how were we supposed to survive a completely foreign one? Aphrodite walked back…show more content…
Abruptly, she took my face in her hands, having me look at only her. Aphrodite’s eyes were watery once more, and her face was turning a bit red. I could feel my face soften at the sight. “What is it?” “You better be careful, okay? It’s…. It’s awfully dangerous down there, my child. And when you find your mortality, before you die, I want to see you one more time. Even if it’s only for a few seconds, and you can’t speak, I… I want to see you. No matter what. Do you understand? Do you promise?” she asked me, her voice quivering as she admired my facial features, burning them into memory. I pressed my lips together tightly and nodded. “No, I-I want to hear it, Eros.” I obliged, “I promise to see you again one day, Mother. Please, do not worry about those types of matters.” She breathed a sigh of relief, her entire body slumping. She kissed my forehead before releasing me. “I doubt I’ll be able to control myself that well.” She laughed a bit. “Well… I guess I’ve hogged you all to myself long enough. I’m sure Dawson’s getting antsy. You better get outta here, but you two be safe,” she said, wiping her eyes. I tied the pouch back up and smiled, “This kindness will not be forgotten.” I quickly hugged her, not being able to muster up much more, before calling my goodbyes as I rushed down the stairs. “Let us go, Dawson!” Dawson, who had been waiting in front of the door, was woken up from the thoughts he buried
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