The Problem Of Evil : Why Me?

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The Problem of Evil: Why Me? Many times in history we’ll look back and ask each other, “Why did such a horrible thing happen?” Or, “How could those people do such horrible things to those other groups?” Well even in today’s world, we are still asking those same questions, and more. It also seems that the more bad things that happen and are unexplainable in regards to why, more people will continue to turn away from believing in God. The following paragraphs will explain “who” are the ones oppressed by evil, “why” evil exists, and “how” evil can be view in a perspective as good, part of God’s will. Through history, it was the Native Americans, the slaves, the impoverished countries, those under strict government, those cast out by society, the poor, the lonely, those who wouldn’t convert, etc. Today, it’s the schools, the heavily populated areas, the countries ruled by extremists, the minorities, the preachers, the police, the stereotypes, feminists, the homeless, the immigrants, the LGBT community, and many more, are the ones oppressed by the many forms of evil each and every day. Hopefully when one sees those groups listed above, examples of oppression from evil should, unfortunately, come to mind. Instances of evil involving these groups are in history books and are broadcasted on the news today. That’s one category of the “who,” and there are two more; the middle and the oppressors. The middle “who,” are those living life, not necessarily selfishly, but independently

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