The Problem Of Fast Food

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America more than one third of adults is over obese. According to the world health organization in the 2013 United States was ranked #2 fattest country (Adking). Many Americans are in such of a hurry to do errands instead of cooking homemade meals. Therefore many Americans eat fast food because it is cheap and made almost instantaneously. However, eating fast food can cause negative consequence to a person’s health physically and mentally. Fast food has high amount of salt and sugar, which can lead high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Ironically, people know fast foods are unhealthy for the body and causes major health risk, but they still contribute to eating the food fast food make. Staying healthy can be a tough achievement, but it…show more content…
Also cooperation will have their food at low prices, so a person cannot resist because it is cheap and the food is prepared instantly compare to a whole chicken to purchase and the time to cook the chicken. Fast food cannot be an option if a person wants to be healthy, no matter how great the advertisement portrait the food. The way to have muscles and hardcore ABS is not all about working out, but from the food a person consumes. Diet is the toughest part of being healthy for most people, but diet is an important task a person has to compete in order to be healthy and have lean muscles. A person may workout everyday, but may not see results if the person will consume junk food. No matter how hard a person train it is all vain if the person does not provide with health nutrient meals. In the beginning stages of changing the diet is difficult because a person body is used to eating junk food and everywhere a person goes they will see fast food restaurants. However, a person to overcome the difficult stages must stay committed and be mentally strong. According to the most purchase health magazine Health & Fitness “when dieting starts to become difficult one must remember why they started to diet because it gives them extra motivation and be proud to see the results.” (Porcari). Staying healthy can be difficult, but when a person sees the results of having a strict nutrition diet they will thank themselves.
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