The Problem Of Fast Food Restaurant

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“It is true that fast food restaurant have a large contribution to America being ranked one of the most obese countries; however, we cannot blame every single fast food restaurant for this obesity.” This comes from the first assignment on “Do not blame the eater” As I wrote my first assignment which was a persuasive essay for English 1010 I had prior experience with this. This experience came from prepping for the ACT writing portion. I am able to properly make a stand point and argue. “Alternatives are present at varies food chains and at popular food chains. “But where, exactly, are consumers- particularly teenagers supposed to find alternatives?” Teenagers in this century are heavily controlled and impacted by media. They are easily able to find out what is in there food with a quick google search. Videos on social media on what is in our foods are easily shared and retweeted by millions of teenagers. Most teenagers are aware that McDonalds and Burger King are not the only sources of fast food.” I was fully able to quote and back up my quotes from the passage “Do not blame the eater”. Places like Subway, Jimmy Johns, and Panera Bread have quick food that tends to be healthier. While these restaurants tend to have a larger healthier food menu someone can find healthy food options at a restaurant like McDonalds. For example, I am a teenager who used social media to find a healthy food option at McDonalds. Quickly with a google search I found on what healthy
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