The Problem Of Female Violence

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Generally speaking, men are more aggressive in nature than women. In fact, violence is the one variable of which there are overwhelmingly skewed results proving gender differences. So we may ask ourselves, why do women strike men inside the house in relatively equal numbers, but nearly never resort to violence outside the home? Women for instance may argue that their aggression towards men is harmless, and that slapping a man is quite feminine. These explanations may likely have some validity, but neither addresses motivation for the violence, nor the context in which it occurs. When in actuality, empirical research on female violence tells another story. Bjorkqvist and Niemela (1992) provides us with evidence that women are as aggressive as males, but only when the chance of retaliation is minimal (Shuler, 2010).
The Methodological Problem of Memory Methodological problems, in many cases, may skew the results. Retrospection is greatly relied upon in Crime Victimization Studies, and bias may extend itself to these studies as well. Our current interests may derail our accurate account of what actually happened therefore, retrospection may not be completely reliable. One may argue that men underreport victimization of violence by women because it is so emasculating and shaming. Women on the other hand may make false allegations which serves their interest in divorce or child custody hearings. Both of these assumptions are empirically groundless as evidence
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