The Problem Of Food Insecurity Essay

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The issue that I am exploring is food insecurity. Food insecurity is “a household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food” (USDA, 2016). Millions of Americans struggle day to day with food insecurity. They are unable to find and provide food for their families, some if not most don’t qualify for public assistance. Those who have food insecurity tend to be of low socioeconomic status women with children. There are many myths and stereotypes that circulate around those who have food insecurity. Some of these myths conservative viewpoints have on those with food insecurity are lazy or unmotivated to work and earn money to pay for food. Yet on the other hand liberals would argue that it’s not their fault instead the system needs to be changed so everyone can receive help when they need it. Under the United States, policies we have a mainly conservative mindset were we believe in work first, help is a privilege, and means tested. For this paper I am going to outlining my social issue on emergency food and how those who don’t qualify for food stamps and don’t have identification solve their food insecurity long term.
The view points of the clients who have food insecurity feel as though they do not have help. As of right now the poverty level is about $23,000 per year. Those who fall below this number are subjected to become dependent on welfare even though they don’t want to. Those who are slightly above the poverty line
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