The Problem Of For Host Software Off Premise And Go The Cloud

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Making the decision to host software off premise and go the cloud is not simple or is it a one size fits all equation. While there are several advantages of cloud solution, there are dangers lurking just below the surface. IT Managers must assess the risk and tread carefully when making such a decision. Four years ago, I worked on a project to replace our call center phone system. The hardware required a forklift upgrade because it would not support the next release of software. We assembled a team comprised of call center and IT to explore, evaluate, and recommend a replacement. We looked at our current vendor and other premise based solutions. At the time, it was very controversial, but I suggested we include a cloud option…show more content…
Another advantage of the cloud is in physical infrastructure a tier-3 datacenter can provide. Some of the components of a tier-3 datacenter include secure physical housing, data redundancy, internet redundancy, power redundancy, a “Fort Knox” type of physical brick and mortar construction (Ramasamy,2011). Cloud Computing provides an excellent opportunity to for off line backups. One problem with moving data to the cloud is that companies have a tremendous amount of data on premise beyond the terabyte, petabyte, and exabyte, but with data mining and big data, there is now the brontobyte or 27 zeros of data to manage (Techtarget, n.d.). So how does one get massive amounts of data to the cloud? If the data did not originate on the cloud, the bottleneck would be bandwidth. Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3) provides a solution for offline backup and storage where companies can store databases and files off-line (Donnelly, 2016). Amazon’s solution is to provide a device or appliance to physically transfer the data onto it and then ship the device to Amazon where they transfer the data to the cloud. I found it humorous Amazon adopted an old school solution to bandwidth limitations what we used to call “sneaker net”. There was a time it was faster to walk the data over to the next building then to try to transfer it electronically. The Amazon appliance is called a Snowball and it provides a solution for companies to move as much as 100 TB of

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