The Problem Of Forest Fires

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Some people know about the current issues are the most important ones because it is mostly a lot in the news but sometimes other big issues that change our lives are not mentioned in the news because they are issues that can hurt us in the long run or not really important for the modern public. One issue I can tell you about is the forest fires. Sometimes people don 't notice or now about the forest fires until it is talk in the news and it 's mostly because it has done a great damage. As soon as people hear about forest fires they want them to be extinguished but the problem is that fires need to be controlled or managed. By having a fire started by officials fire departments or Park Rangers can help to lower the frequency of wildfires and can help the land be more prepared in case of fire spreads out to the community Even though the management or control of forest fires may seem hard it can be beneficial solution of wild forest fires because it can prevent future fires, it helps the ecosystem, and helps with the management of wild animals. With this 3 key points, it is possible to manage forest fires instead of having to extinguish it and possibly create property damages. This is an important research because it can help some of the people to realize out strongly this issue can be problematic in the near future. Hopefully, this paper can help to better understand the issue can realize how big of a problem this issue is and hopefully activate some type of action to

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