The Problem Of Gang Violence

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Before starting this class, I already had personal knowledge about gangs but after taking this class, I have a much better understanding about them. From what I 've seen and heard, gangs are and will always be a part of our society. As we 've learned in this class, they have been around for hundreds of years. One thing that came to my mind while I was talking to my husband was pirates. They have territories over seas and anyone that passes their water gets robbed, in today 's gangs it 's a different setting but the same concept. The sad part of all this is that gang members that are juveniles are the ones suffering more and paying the prices. Gang violence will always be a growing problem in this world. As a parent I panic; it scares me just to think that my kids could get near these gangs. After taking this class, I mentioned to the professor how I noticed I was dressing my kids certain colors that meant certain gang things. I 'm relieved that I took this class because now I will be more careful on how to dress them, and dress myself depending on where I’m going. Furthermore, when people live around Gang members they intimidate every resident, by doing this they have more control of the territory and it gives them more power. It 's sad that street gangs are corrupting and damaging those good juvenile kids that are being raised, and as parents all we can do is pray. It 's also horrible how the initiation or hazing process to get in this type of group is. How stupid can
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