The Problem Of Gang Violence

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Gang violence has grown to be a great problem in El Salvador in the last 30 years. Gangs have grown into large, complex organized crime units; the two largest gangs, MS13 (also known as Mara Salvatrucha 13) and Barrio18 (also known as Calle18), now encompass large parts of Central America. Both gangs rely heavily on local drug-peddling, which drives most of the general gang violence. The desire for control over certain areas had forged a fierce rivalry, in which civilians are often endangered when caught in the crossfire. In 2014, El Salvador alone counted 900 homicides a month, in which at least 30 of those murders were ruled femicides. Both MS13 and Barrio18 are active in the human-trafficking trade; the kidnapping of women and girls who are eventually sold into sex slavery is extremely common, which perpetuates a toxic cycle of exploitation of women by men by enforcing toxic masculinity based in the oppression of women. El Salvador is not only facing a domestic women 's rights emergency, but a internal safety crisis of epic proportions. State authority officials are often involved in extortion rings, which has only heightened the prevalence of public transport extortion. The pervasiveness of extortion has become an extensive problem; local economies cannot prosper while paying costly gang-taxes, which despite offering the residents a promise of security and protection, only contribute to the poverty by hindering any surplus which typically characterizes the beginnings of
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