The Problem Of Global Climate Change

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Other than political stories in 2016 we still see and hear of many Global Warming scenarios, what causes them, who is the main reason for the cause, and when it actually started. We are going to take a look at the reality of what is really happening. Let’s assume that all ice caps and glaciers in the world melted. What would be the result of such a catastrophe, how long would it take, who would be affects, and would we suffer any loss because of this? Global climate change has been more and more discussed with the ever changing climate, and the rise of water levels, we need to figure out why the water levels have been changing so rapidly. Is there any change we humans can do to prevent disaster? Or are we on a collision course with no way to turn around? This is a list of the known ice inventories within our world that I have found from Dr. Robert Johnston regarding if the ice melts. As you can see Dr. Robert Johnston has done his studies and research about this topic. World ice inventory A melting of the entire list would cause a rise of about 200-250 feet of the world wide sea level. This seems dangerous, but it would take several hundred years to occur, if at all for that to even happen and even if it did we would no longer be alive. As Dr. Robert Johnston said “Today the Earth has 148 million sq. km of land area, of which 16 million sq. km is covered by glaciers. A sea level rise of 66 meters would flood about 13 million sq. km of land outside of Antarctica.” If we
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