The Problem Of Global Environmental Problems

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Global Environmental Problems The environmental problems become more serious, we can actually see and feel them. The major environmental problems include the loss of forest and land resources, animal species extinction, the changes of global climate, serious water and air pollutions, and so on. These problems occur not only around our neighborhoods, but also throughout the world. The problems deserves attention, because they are threatening human being’s lives. The Cause and The Impacts For the reasons which cause the global environmental problems, some people argue that “people are not the problem: the inequitable distribution of wealth and resources is. The counterargument has been around since Thomas Malthus: No matter how much we increase production or better distribute resources, our efforts will always be outstripped by the exponential curve of population growth. Population is the primary problem.” (Sernau 271) I do agree with Malthus’ statement. Population is one of several factors that affect the environment. The more people we have, the more and frequent human activities occur in order to obtain the foods, space to live, and produce the goods we use. These human activities include hunting, agricultural production, exploring raw materials, building and expanding cities, manufacturing, and so on. Many of the resources such as land, forest and animals are destroyed. “The world population was 7.349 billion as of July 1, 2015 according to the medium fertility
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