The Problem Of Global Warming

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What is a Social Problem?
A social issue is defined as an area of conflict in a social setting that influences different people and is often out of reach of the control of an individual or local geographical authority (Weart 73). Some social problems, however, are not perceived universally as such, resulting in a difference in opinion between different groups. Other social issues are universally recognized as justifiable and, therefore, are addressed by everyone. Global warming is a social issue that traverses national borders, making it an international concern. It is a social problem because many diverse social groups from all over the globe have viewed it as a cause for concern (Weart 74). Nations have come together and tried to fight
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The effect of these gases has derived its name from greenhouses because of the solar insulation capability they possess. Much like greenhouses, these gases are good absorbers of solar radiation. When solar radiation penetrates the layer of carbon dioxide existing in the air and reaches the earth’s surface, the rays are radiated back. Carbon dioxide insulates the reflected radiation from exiting the earth’s atmosphere (Archer 79). The result is a temperature increase in the earth’s atmosphere due to the concentration of radiation.
The temperature increase in the atmosphere causes more evaporation from water bodies. Water vapor in the atmosphere rises, acting as another agent that entraps solar energy. The continued pile up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a threat to the global climatic balance. Because of this, it has received widespread scrutiny as the leading cause of climate change. Higher atmospheric temperatures affect the climatic zones and natural climatic cycles. Potentially life-threatening consequences occur when the temperature of the atmosphere changes by about a third of a degree Celsius every three years (Houghton 13). The rapid development and expansion of industries that are the main consumers of fossil fuels and coal is a serious concern to the problem of global warming. Measures to curb the growth of the social issue have not been stringently
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