The Problem Of Global Warming

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Global warming can be said to be accelerating in a rapid manner. In fact, many countries, ecosystems as well as people are suffering from its impacts. Climate change has affected the weather patterns and has indeed disrupted the variability and trends that exist in climate. This has resulted into an increase in climate-related extremes such as heavy downpour, floods, surges, and droughts. However, it has been seen that indeed most of the affected nations are the ones that have not even contributed immensely to pollution of the globe. Climate change presents an environmental challenge, economic challenge and social challenge to the country that it affects. Bangladesh is a standout amongst the most defenseless nations to climate
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South Asia has been described as one of the most vulnerable regions of the world that are most vulnerable to climate change impacts. This is despite the fact that most of these areas in South Asia have over the years been known to produce very low carbon IV oxide into the atmosphere. The international community has recognized that indeed Bangladesh ranks high in the list of the countries that are most vulnerable on earth. It is of the essence to note that Bangladesh’s high vulnerability often occurs because of its unique hydro-geological, as well as socio-economic factors. Some of these factors include its geographical location that lies in South Asia, its low elevation with deltaic topography, it extreme climate variability and the fact that majority of its population are often dependent on crop agriculture that is highly influenced by the climate in the area. The main aim of this research paper is to discover the impact of climate change in Bangladesh economy. This research purposefully focuses on the agricultural sector, and this is because this is the main source of the country’s economy. Further, most people in the nation are dependent on food crops. This paper intends to consult several different and diverse geographical studies of the regions that will be exclusive to the climate effects on
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