The Problem Of Global Warming

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Global Warming in the United Stated Global warming is no longer just a prediction it is actually happening. It is undisputed that the average temperature at the surface of Earth has increased over the past century by 1 degree Fahrenheit, with both the air and the oceans warming. Since 1880, when people in many locations first began to keep temperature records, the 25 warmest years have all occurred within the last 28 years. The problem is that if we keep on hurting our own environment and ecosystems we are just going to destroy ourselves sooner or later. If we don’t start to change the way we are doing things around the United States with our factories, the way we dispose of things, or the way we get affected by the pollution, we will see some major issues in the future. This paper will examine the problem of Global Warming in the United States. The paper will first discuss how global warming works, and why it is damaging not only our lives but the lives of the animals around the United States and other major issues. It will also address the consequences for global warming for such a long time of a period. Next the paper discusses three environmental solutions to the problem of global warming: wildlife affects, glaciers and sea levels, the weather patterns. The paper will first explain each global warming solution. Then it will analyze the pros and cons, and potential strengths and weakness of each solution. Last this paper will offer some personal observations of the

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