The Problem Of Global Warming

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Introduction With the increasingly serious problem of global warming, Australia’s climate has warmed since 1950. ("State of the Climate 2014: Bureau of Meteorology", 2016) Compared with air conditioners which required for high cost, electricity expense and health hazard (under an enclosed environment, there has poor air circulation and air quality which would have negative effect for human body. Moreover, without appropriate maintenance, some particulate matter such as bacterial, pesticides and allergens can enter houses from outside environment which will cause health problems.) (McCarthy, Ludwig, Brown, Vaughn, & Roberts, 2013) Summer sleeping mat is considered as the ‘nature air condition’ that decreases the human temperature and has…show more content…
There are three different kinds of materials to make the summer mat which are linen mat, bamboo mat and straw mat respectively. The size we offered are single (92cm x 188cm), double (138cm x 188cm), Queen (153cm x 204cm), King (183cm x 204cm) and Super King (204cm x 204cm). Different materials and sizes cost different prices, but the range of the price for retailers is from $40~$90. Threat of new entrants The threat of new entrants in the summer sleeping mat industry is low consider that this business is a new market in Australia with low awareness and reputation. Therefore, low profitable markets with possible low returns will not attract much new companies as a retail physical store. The challenges of entry will be opening the awareness in Australian, establishing the identity of the brand and raising funds. However, as an online retail store attract business worldwide, the E-Commerce and internet could consider as an attractive and profitable business with low barriers to entry. Threat of substitutes High threat of substitutes; the existence of goods such as air conditioner and electric fans increases the propensity of consumers to change to substitutes and the availability of that kinds of products are close alternatives to summer sleeping mats, not mention buyers in Australia prone to substitute which are recognized and accepted. As a matter of fact, there are no
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