The Problem Of Global Warming

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Global warming is no longer looked upon as a background problem or a side job. It is now one of the biggest political crises that the world faces and it will take global cooperation in order to be solved. One of the biggest problems surrounding climate change is a lack of a clear understanding of what is a safe global temperature cap. Climate science is still, like all science, a developing topic. Scientists cannot yet completely and confidently make sure statements. As of right now, politicians are failing to do enough to slow down the effects humans are having on climate change. The inability of scientists to provide a definite temperature cap and the poor attitudes of a minority of the United Nations’ (UN) politicians towards that cap are the reasons politicians are failing to successfully create legislation that will halt human impacts on rising global temperatures.
Climate scientists have, for a long time, agreed that climate change is a real and growing threat. They have been able to agree that climate change is a natural process that occurs over millions of years. They have also been able to agree that the climate problem humans are currently facing is not natural. Humans are significantly speeding up the process of climate change through global warming. NASA describes global warming as “the average global surface temperature increase from human emissions of greenhouse gasses” (Dunbar and Conway). In other words, humans, especially those in developed countries, are

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