The Problem Of Gun Control

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One possible solution of gun problem in the United States The ownership of firearm became legally in United States since their second amendment of the constitution enacted in 1791. It seems a symbol of the right to freedom, however, it has also brought a great convenience to criminals. The gun shooting accident are repeatedly happening in United States each year and lots of innocent people get hurt. What more serious is, the number of such tragedies are continuing increase. Many people living in the United States are worried about the safety of their lives. While the public are appealing the gun ban, but there are some obstacles from laws and politics. Therefore, the aim of this essay is to explain the problems of gun ownership in United States and then gives some possible solutions, as well as the challenges of the solutions. One of the major problem arising from the privatization of firearms is that criminals can easily get the weapon, thus increasing the probability of gun violent. According to the research, the incidence of the U.S. group shootings accounted for 31% of the world. If narrow the scope of the crime scene to schools and workplaces, the U.S. takes account of 62% of the world. Another thing to notice is that in the most shooting cases, the firearms are legally acquired (News Encyclopaedia 2016). And just over a month ago, another shooting happened in Orlando nightclub, which causes 49 people killed and 53 injured. This is also the deadliest shooting in the

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