The Problem Of Gun Violence

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From watching, listening, and being brainwashed by the overpaid liberal media continually, it is obvious that America is hurting from having these people telling us how we should think. The media is trying to push gun control on anyone that will tune in or read it. The media will all say the same thing, and the problem is gun violence. What if one removes the word gun from gun violence, that still leaves violence. Before one can decide which side to support, the information should be completely researched for important, specific information about how America will be affected, and what the cost are for the people protecting their rights. In 1776, Americans feared excessive power in the hands of rulers, but ten years later they feared excessive power in the hands of the subjects, when Shays Rebellion illuminated the government’s ability under the Articles of Confederation to handle civil disorder (Bill of Rights). The Constitutional Convention, led by James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and others, met at Philadelphia in May 1787 to address concerns about weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation and to write a new constitution...The Federalist favored the creation of a strong national government, while the Anti-Federalist wanted a specific statement of individual rights and freedoms to protect the people from a tyrannical national government (Bill of Rights). The second amendment is a very touchy topic for many people. In today’s world, some people believe that the second

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