The Problem Of Health Care

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Health care has been a debate for several years. Costa Rica’s is a developing country however, they provide health insurance nationwide to all their citizens and legal residents. This form of insurance is designed to provide monetary security in case there is serious illness or accident. Individuals, who do not have health insurance can be exposed to situations in which they can run into deep debt. Having a health insurance can protect individuals from high costs. I am focusing this essay on the major finances of Costa Rica, their system’s providers of care, regulatory agencies and the advantages and disadvantages in their system. Having insurance is a protecting individuals from high medical bills.
Health care system has long been a common and serious problem for individuals across the nation, causing substantial problems up to and including death, Because of this, residents without health insurance suffer from not receiving proper medical care. Providing public healthcare insurance to residents and citizens will enable the necessary medical care for individuals. In an article titled “Costa Rica case study”, (Knaul, Nigenda & Zuniga) explains that
The Costa Rican health system providers’ health, water, and sanitation services. The health component of the system includes a public and a private sector. The public sector is dominated by the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), an autonomous institution in charge of financing, purchasing and delivering most of the
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