The Problem Of Heroin Usage

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We all know someone who has suffered from an addiction, whether it be a family member, a classmate, a peer, or a friend of a friend. What is the best way of preventing theses addictions from going too far though? Doctors prescribing medicine, rehab and other sober facilities, parental involvement, or for extreme cases, drugs that will reverse the effects of the addict’s usage? Heroin Usage has become a huge problem through our country and our communities in the past decade. Approximately 13.5 million people in the world use opioids, but other surveys indicate that this number is larger now. In fact, according to The National Institute on drug abuse, in 2010, there were 2,789 deaths and in 2011, there were about 4,102 deaths (2015). This is a 47% increase of overdoses in just 365 days.
I am writing about this issue because I have personal experience and have lost a loved one due to it. Also, I want to bring it to your attention and therefore, hopefully, help prevent the use and addiction of heroin. I have had several people in my life die from overdoses of this drug in the past few years and know how badly it can affect the family and community. This being said, the best way to prevent usage is to inform kids while they are young, so they have more information before they are introduced.
According to (Mentor International, 2015), there are typically three different approaches to prevention. The first is a drug supply reduction, which focuses mainly on simply…
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