The Problem Of High Youth Unemployment

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Introduction Securing and obtaining jobs has become extremely difficult for young Americans between the ages of 18-25. Youth unemployment rates have been in the double-digits for the past seven consecutive years. This problem comes with many underlying factors that will be addressed briefly in the future paragraphs; such as the stray from past historical patterns. For example, the lower percentage rates of home buying among millennials. The term millennials describes people who are born after 1980 and will be referred to within the remainder of this paper. Other points of significance will be discussed concerning why this issue has come to be and the different strategies that are being both proposed and put into action to combat it. This crisis will set up many for a lifetime of debt and limited career expansion and opportunity. In addition, research shows that although high unemployment rates predominantly effect the youth, there too are consequences for the overall economy. Action through policy solutions is necessary to control this problem of high youth unemployment in the United States in order to save not only the future and current situations of young adults but for society as a whole. This paper will examine the problem of youth unemployment in the United States. The paper will first discuss what is known about youth joblessness and why it is occurring. It will also address the consequences if nothing is done to fix it. Next the paper discusses three policy
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