The Problem Of Home Health Care

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Home health care is type of care where patients are treated in their home for an injury or sickness. According to, this care is usually cheap, more expedient than and as effective as any care in a hospital and a highly priced nursing home. Home health care business has flourished during these decades and has become a pretty good investment for those entrepreneurs who are looking for lower investment and high return. Some well-known businesses such as fast-food franchise, gas station franchise, restaurant franchise can cost $500,000 to a million dollars. According to Forbes, most home healthcare franchises cost $150,000 or less to start up because the investment money goes basically to set up offices, hiring marketing, and …show more content…
They perform background review, reference check, and criminal review and hire licensed nurses for the quality care of the patient. These home health agencies are just the examples. There are thousands of agencies that provide similar health care to patient. These companies will remain forever in the market if their business model is compatible to the current scenario of the market. To be successful in this competitive market, a company should fulfill the demand of the patients and give quality care.

Home health companies directly deal with patients and come with certain responsibilities. According to, the healthcare agency has some undeniable responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are listed below.

a. As the healthcare agency, it can make certain health and personal care decisions which are in the best interest of the patient.
b. Health care agency should understand the potential patient’s preference by looking at the patient’s health history. It should also honor patient’s saying while giving the best care to the patient.
c. Health care agency should know patient’s current health such as any chronic disease and acute disease to provide better treatment in the future.
d. Health care agency cannot make the final decision for the patient but may recommend the best options available.
e. Agency should understand the patient’s need to receive hospice care.

The perfect business model needs the perfect

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