The Problem Of Home Health Care

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Home health care is type of care where patients are treated in their home for an injury or sickness. According to, this care is usually cheap, more expedient than and as effective as any care in a hospital and a highly priced nursing home. Home health care business has flourished during these decades and has become a pretty good investment for those entrepreneurs who are looking for lower investment and high return. Some well-known businesses such as fast-food franchise, gas station franchise, restaurant franchise can cost $500,000 to a million dollars. According to Forbes, most home healthcare franchises cost $150,000 or less to start up because the investment money goes basically to set up offices, hiring marketing, and training. Industry research firm Home Care Pulse researched median franchise home-health revenue to be nearly 2 million dollars. This low investment business can drive such a high revenue especially after making some professional relationship with doctors or social workers .Talking about the demand, the credit should go to the aging of baby boomers. According to Forbes, the UN estimated that the number of people over age 60 will reach 2 billion by 2050. In this research paper, some companies in home health discipline in Houston are discussed, their responsibility are mentioned, typical location are listed, educational requirements, stress factors, and benefits of health care business are described.

Some of the companies are Maxim Health…

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