The Problem Of Homeless Families

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Homeless Families
Before I began the research I had already known that single parent homelessness is a n extremely emotional and heart breaking problem. In seventh grade my family and I went on vacation to New York City and I remember seeing a good of homeless people on street corners, but what surprised me the most was seeing younger people who appeared homeless. It’s a obvious answer, I’m against homelessness and family homelessness even more. It truly is heartbreaking to see little children who are forced to grow up because their parents cannot provide for the family. It’s like animal shelter commercials, only the heartless can’t feel for them. That’s what makes it interesting, how they do it and live their lives without a home. The family lives on the run, they run from the fear of losing each other. If they get caught the family could be separated and families will do anything to avoid that. So I guess that I do have a bias, I definitely will not talk about the positives of homelessness. When you hear the word homeless the first picture that comes to your mind probably isn’t children living on the streets or in cars. It might surprise you but the Urban Institute says that, “approximately 924,000 children are homeless.” (1) Children usually are not homeless by themselves however; they are with their parents or parent. Family homelessness is a rising and underrated problem in the United States. There is a wide variety of causes including domestic violence,…

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