The Problem Of Homeless Homelessness

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Do you know that homelessness is an occurring matter in Australia, a country that is considered a developed country? In fact, there are more than 100,000 people that are having the problem of no roof to give themselves shelter. Homelessness is such an important issue to be worried about, because as a society, we should look after for our surrounding people. Everyone needs a shelter for safety purposes, this is one of the essentials of human needs. This essay will talk about how system thinking could help to smooth out the wicked problem.
In order to talk about system thinking, first, we need to understand what systems are in the context of sustainability. Every problem or situation is made from several elements and parts, they are interconnected and affect each other. Any changes towards the parts will change how the whole system works. System thinking is an alternative way to look at a problem, it focuses on the big picture instead of the individual parts to solve complicated problems. It focuses on how a small change towards a single part interacts with another part towards affecting the picture (Aronson, n.d.). Homelessness is a global problem where there is not an ultimate solution to solve this problem. The most obvious way to define homelessness is the absence of shelter, secondly is define as people that have no control or access to a social relation. There are about 100 million people that are homeless worldwide. According to The World Bank and The Human development
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