The Problem Of Homelessness Among Young People

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When considering the problem of homelessness, many people jump to think of the stereotypical individuals living on the sidewalks in cities who beg for money. This is a stereotype that has been instilled by movies and television shows, as not all people that are homeless live on the streets. A homeless person can be someone who stays with family or friends, or someone who is living in overcrowded, poor conditions that may affect their health. Many of the people who find themselves in these situations are youth who lack proper shelter. Homelessness amongst young people is a serious social concern in the United States. Youth homelessness is not a new occurrence and over the past decade it has grown to be an even bigger problem than before. There are many risks in the lives of homeless youth that make them more vulnerable to health problems. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, homeless children are 3.6 times more likely than non poor children to experience health risks. (Connecticut General Assembly, 2004) These health risks include physical health problems, developmental delays, decreased school achievement, and emotional and behavioral issues.
Many of the health problems that homeless youth face are the same that adult homeless individuals face. But different than adults, as adolescents, homeless youth are still developing both mentally and physically and may make choices that are not best for their health. Young…
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