The Problem Of Homelessness And Drug Addiction

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Anthropology is critical in order to understand many pressing contemporary issues such as social inequality, homelessness, drug addiction, structural, symbolic and interpersonal violence, and illicit economies. While all of these issues are important to understand, the public concern that is of the utmost importance is homelessness as well as the issues that correspond with this public concern. Homelessness is a very serious and pressing contemporary issue and it is strongly linked to another very serious contemporary issue, that being, drug addiction. Through the conduction of ethnographic research such as that found in Bourgois and Schonberg’s Righteous Dopefiend as well as Shandy’s “The Road to Refugee Resettlement,” it is possible to witness the role that anthropology and anthropologists play in portraying how we can understand these extreme issues and at least improve, if not, completely resolve them. While Righteous Dopefiend as a whole is a very important text that provides a lot of information regarding homelessness and drug addiction, chapter 3 was especially important in terms of understanding drug addiction and the issues that come with it, as chapter 3 is entitled “A Community of Addicted Bodies”. Chapter 3 discusses a lot of medical concerns related to withdrawing from heroine injections, in paticular. Chapter 3 commences with the following: “Felix jolted awake at 1:00 A.M. with “migraines and the sweats.” It was going to be a long night: dopesickness was…

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