The Problem Of Homelessness And Homelessness

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When it comes to homelessness it has played a huge role in the lives of my loved ones this is the main reason why I chose the topic. The issue of homelessness is all around us and in this paper i 'm going to show what problems homeless people face everyday. In this paper I want to explore the reasons why many Americans are homeless and how homelessness affects people and the society around them. In this topic I really wanted to be able to see through the eyes of the homeless people and i want to get into their shoes and see what they go through everyday of their lives. I know sometime in my life i 'm ungrateful for the things i have been given. There are times in my life when I wonder where do the homeless people go when its cold outside? Where do they go when a huge thunderstorm is coming? In my paper I want to see how Homeless people make it in this world with the materials they need but don’t have. As I was saying the beginning I have loved ones that faced homelessness and I want to tell you about them. One of my loved ones name is Brittani Singleton she 's a dear friend of mine and when I look back on her life she has told me many experiences with homelessness that she has faced growing up with her family. She described to me how much a job really mattered to her mom and how her mom didn’t ask to be homeless. What caused her mom to lose her job wasn’t because of her mom but it was due to job layoffs. Brittani described to me that it was very hard for her mom to get a
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