The Problem Of Homelessness And Homelessness Essay

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There is an ever-growing number of homeless persons within our society. While it has become a popular topic of discussion as to why people become homeless little discussion has occurred about the homeless reintegrating back into society. Many steps must be taken in order for a homeless person to be able to create and maintain a steady life. There must be an acknowledgment of the barriers that led to homelessness. These barriers may be a numerous amount of things such as substance abuse, personal trauma, unhealthy relationships, health problems, or unemployment. No matter the barrier, goals need to be set and must be realistic. If the goals seem impossible to reach they will be. Finally, there must be a commitment to following through with the set goals and a realization that this is an ongoing process that will not change overnight.

There is a misinformed stigma of homelessness, which is that all homeless persons are in their situation because of substance abuse - or this is at least, in part, why they are unable to overcome homelessness, and that all homeless persons are unemployed. While mental illness and chronic substance abuse are the most common disabilities within homeless communities (Schutt, 2009) they are not the only factors as to why an individual may become homeless. As mentioned above, personal traumas, health problems, unhealthy relationships and lack of employment can lead to homelessness. An alarming amount of veterans are now homeless due to coming home
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