The Problem Of Homelessness And The Housing Crisis

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Vulnerable families were hit hard by the recent recession and housing crisis. Rates of homelessness and housing instability among families with children increased during this period, and thousands of families in the United States remain without safe, stable, affordable housing (Cortes, Dunton, Henry, Rolston, & Khadduri, 2012). Families without adequate housing face barriers to multiple aspects of wellbeing including physical and mental health, educational and employment opportunities, family stability, and social engagement. Homelessness has proven to be harmful to children above and beyond the general conditions of poverty, and children without adequate, safe, stable housing experience negative outcomes across multiple domains of health and wellbeing.
A number of individual-, household-, and structural-level predictors of housing instability have been identified, with economic factors, employment, and affordable housing options proving paramount. Research has traditionally focused on individual risk factors, although the past decade has seen an emergence of studies examining structural predictors of homelessness. Few studies, however, have taken a systems approach to examining housing instability, linking major social institutions such as child welfare, public assistance and criminal justice. Mass incarceration, a growing problem in American society, is affecting an increasing number of children and families across multiple domains. While several recent studies have…
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