The Problem Of Homelessness By Lakisha Briggs Essay

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After calling the police to her rented home ten times within five months, Lakisha Briggs received a letter from the police warning her that if she continued to call, she would have the chronic nuisance ordinance enforced against her and would be evicted from her home. In order to avoid homelessness, she cut ties with her abusive boyfriend Wilbert; however, he continued to go into her home and abuse her. One day Wilbert hit Lakisha in the head with an ashtray and stabbed her in the throat with one of the broken pieces. Lakisha 's neighbor called the police for medical help despite her pleas for the neighbor not to make the call. Although Lakisha’s life had been saved, she was still evicted from her home due to her neighbor’s call. Stories like Lakisha’s have become very common in America, which has led to domestic violence being one of the leading causes of homelessness (Gavin 258-60). Many people in Lakisha’s situation are trapped and find it hard to choose between facing abuse and keeping their homes, or calling the police and being evicted. In most cases people choose the first option, which enables domestic violence to continue. Policies such as chronic nuisance ordinances influence landlords to unjustly evict victims of domestic violence.
In order to try to decrease the number of 911 calls people make, many cities have created a chronic nuisance ordinance. The process of this ordinance begins with limiting the number of calls each household can make. When people call

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