The Problem Of Human Error

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Human error seems to be something that people see as being unavoidable and inescapable but in actuality there are ways in which if followed, errors especially in judgment can be avoided. First of all, why do errors occur? Some of us will agree that error occurs when an individual doesn’t have full knowledge on something or a topic but neglect that fact and act in such a way that displays they know everything. Knowledge is simply the ability to know something. Our Knowledge grows over time as we explore the world, watch the news, read books and so on. The first way to avoid error is to be open to knowledge and be wise enough to accept what one does not know. Socrates in his quest of proving that he isn’t the wisest like the oracle says,…show more content…
Lastly, we humans are such beings that enclose ourselves in our small world forgetting that there is a bigger world besides what we know which we live in everyday and end up making judgments on what we know from what we are used to but if we escape this and realize there is something bigger than us out there then we will be open to more knowledge which will aid in our judgment and ultimately end in avoiding error. Error in judgment can be avoided by fully understanding things we don’t have knowledge on therefore opening ourselves to everything that is out there and not forming judgments on things we don’t know.
To begin, first of all the key to avoid error is to be wise. In the excerpt of the Apology: Defense of Socrates, Socrates is seen to be doing two things one trying to prove he isn’t the wisest man that the oracle says he is and two trying to prove he is innocent against the accusations that are put against him of breaking the laws of the city. Socrates begins his search of proving he isn’t wise by first going to all of the people that are known to be wise by their occupation. First he goes to a politician, someone in the public life and examines him through conversation. “I formed the opinion that, although the man was thought to be wise by many other people, and especially by himself, yet in reality he
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