The Problem Of Human Trafficking

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When it comes to the topic human trafficking, mostly everyone knows that it has a lot of history to its name. According to ben skinner, “ there are more slaves in the world today then ever before”(E. Benjamin pg. xi). There have been many incidents and cases with human trafficking such as, sex trade, smuggling, violence, etc. Today, one can show how real is Human Trafficking. This paper details the big enigma exist todays date, that Human Trafficking is real. Trafficking can happen in almost every country and can be done by threat, transportation, recruitment, transfer and many other ways. According to the book The Slave Next Door, “Some 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States from overseas and enslaved each…show more content…
(Susan Tiano et al, pg. 3). This crime of smuggling involves, the procurement for financial and other material benefit of a person trying to cross the boarder illegally, (Migrant Smuggling- Over the past view year’s boarder control has improved with regards to protecting the boarder line. Most of these convicts travel in groups of thirty and make their moves during the nighttime. In addition, to evade national border controls, visa requirements and migration regulation, the convicts gradually provided more smuggling assistance to irregular migrants (Border Wars Season 5 Epsiode 10 Cash and Corruption. 2014). Now and days it is hard for law enforcements to classify a victim or suspect within trafficking, that’s why there are so many cases of people escaping and reporting the situation to the law itself. Furthermore, Drug traffickers, stock manipulators and corporate embezzlers work with a system that is called “money-laundering”, it’s a way of taking financial things such as money and converting it so it could look real. Money laundering is a “dynamic process that requires the following: Moving funds from direct association with the criminal activity that generated them; disguising the origins of the money to confuse and frustrate any investigative activity seeking to link and connect illicit money with a particular individuals; and making the
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