The Problem Of Illegal Immigrants

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Many immigrants who decide to leave their countries do so for either economic, political, or familial reasons. Poverty and limited resources are also problems that arise when it comes to deciding whether to leave their country or not. One of the biggest issues that comes with these immigrants is that they go through without documentation, therefore, becoming labeled as illegal immigrants. While couple of the people I interviewed received education back in their own countries, the economic situations had been so unpredictable and their own parents had trouble finding jobs or if they did have a job it had no type of security. Each of these individuals shared their testimonies of the obstacles they faced and a 'behind-the-scenes ' look at the reality of what really goes on when moving to the US. The individuals who were selected and interviewed for this research were two male. Each individual migrated from China and India. There was a similarity between the ages of when these individuals decided to migrate abroad. My first interviewee made the journey when he was twelve years of age with his parents, and second person came to the US in his late twenties by his own efforts. He was very much concerned about the phrase of illegal immigration. He said, “Here, when you think about illegal immigrant, people have a prejudgment that they are Hispanic people, whatever you think, that people have immediate connection with it. People’s first impression is bad impression”. What he
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