The Problem Of Immigration Within The United States

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Many different individuals can view immigration in many distinct ways. Some view it as a chance to improve ones life and as a way to secure a bright and prosperous future for their children and loved ones. While others refer to immigration as the downfall of this country, and with the continuous increase will cause the unanimous destruction of pure American ideologies and life styles. The most obvious way for me to start this essay is in a way to relate to the topic of immigration. In order to speak for myself I must first clarify, I was born in the United States but I am as Hispanic and very connected with my roots as is possible for someone born in this country. From a very young age I was always told how my parents traveled to this country in two different ways, my mom came with permission to enter the country and become a resident; this was something that was considered very rare at the time, and my father had to travel various different countries using fake passports with a different identity in order to reach our beautiful country. While their paths to the United States where different their goal was the same, freedom, liberty, and the hope for a bright and prosperous future. Like my parents there are millions of immigrants who come to this country to achieve there dreams and provide a stable and secure life for their families. In my personal opinion I do not believe that the right of migrating to this country should be removed, that being said I do consider that as it…
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