The Problem Of Incompatibility Between Ipv4 Ipv6 And Ipv6

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NET 601

This report explains the possible implementation of IPv6 stating when it will be and what barriers it will face? It explains need of present time, additional functionality of the IPv6 protocol in comparison with the currently used IPv4 and challenges on the way of the implementation. The major problem of incompatibility between the IPv4 and IPv6 is also well explained. It explains possible migration situations as well as security aspects related to the next generation protocol (IPv6). Some misconceptions about IPv6 are also identified in the report. Conclusions and future progress of IPv6 is drawn at the end based on the findings and research articles.


I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all those who provided me the possibility to complete this report. A special gratitude to my tutor, Mrs. Charanya Mohanakrishnan, for her guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the topic and also for her support in completing the report.

I would also grateful to my institution, IT staff and my classmates who co-ordinate with me during the completion of this report and provided me their valuable suggestions that acted as a milestone for my work. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to my family and friends. Thanks to all again who inspired me.

Jasdeep Kaur

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