The Problem Of Increased Stress Essay

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Within my current workplace, a management restructure has occurred. Due to this restructure employees have different managers and everyone has had an increase in workload. Individual key performance indicators have been enforced, along with harsh penalties for noncompliance. This restructure has added copious amounts of stress onto every worker, which has caused dysfunction and a lack of group cohesion within the workplace. The stress levels have effected how the team works together as everyone is "too busy" to help, confide in or gather advice on specific problems. Performance is now ‘individualised ' rather than a team work environment. The added stress has definitely increased my absenteeism from work and it is also noticeable that other employees are away more frequently due to illness. This essay will outline how the problem of increased stress is affecting various aspects of my workplace including productivity among employees. Discussions will be presented in regards to how individual differences play a fundamental role in the impact of stress, and how stress has affected engagement within the team.Transactional and Transformative management styles will be argued on how they can enhance or reduce the implication of stress on employees and what strategies can be implemented to help reduce the impact of stress on employees and organizations.
Within the workplace, various environmental elements influence employee productivity, absenteeism, retention, and morale. It is
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