The Problem Of India Is The Sixth Largest Nation With An Area Of 3.287 Million Km2 Essay

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Chapter-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 PROBLEM SUMMARY AND INTRODCTION 1.1.1 Problem summary India is the seventh largest nation with an area of 3.287 million km2. Moreover, it is a relatively rich and rapidly developing country; for this reason demand for electricity is growing on significantly average at around 5% annually. In addition, one of the most fascinating aspects of solar cells is their ability to convert the most abundant and free forms of energy into electricity without moving parts or components. Also, they do not produce any adverse forms of pollution that affect the ecosystem. India’s rooftop solar capacity addition grew 66 percent from last year to reach 525 mega watts. The state power grid system has supplied electricity to approximately 80% of the population living in the state capitals and industrial centres. Based on recent studies, PV technology and application is economically viable to be adopted in tropical countries like India where it receives more than 7 hours of direct sunlight each day throughout the year. Hence, India now tends to move on the new trend of solar energy. To measure the data continuously was not an easy task for earlier technology because of lack in advancement of software technology. So, we have used LabVIEW software for continuous measurement. It provides all the facilities in one place. The LabVIEW software is a national instrumentsTM product that is used to monitor the data for real time applications. Laboratory Virtual instrumentation for

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