The Problem Of Information Retrieval

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The earth lives with over seven billion people, out of whom 43% of the population have the Internet access and is rapidly growing with a rate of 7.8% year on year (from 2014 to 2015)[1]. This growing trend in the Internet space has led to upload and download of huge amount of data everyday from the Internet. Here, the biggest challenge for any engineer would provide accurate results as per the user intent.

The process of information retrieval is becoming more and more challenging as web search methods have gained popularity. Every day, there are 500 Million Tweets, more than 4 Million Hours of content uploaded to Youtube. 3.6 Billion Instagram Likes, 4.3 Million Facebook messages, 5.75 Billion Facebook likes, 40 Million Tweets shared and 6 Billion daily Google Searches [2]. Hence, each day the challenge to provide accurate result increases.

Every day, Google answers billions of search queries. The results are based on different aspects of the keywords searched. From an engineering point of view, it is important to understand the search queries from different aspects. The query can have a textual or a contextual significance. The intent of a user differs in both of the above cases. Hence, the results for similar keywords should be different in different contexts.

Proposing a research on how Google weighs different variables for a particular page on a particular keyword will help the online business websites predict the ranking of their page. This will…
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