The Problem Of International Interference

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Considered to be the second poorest countries internationally, Nicaragua is a country faced with the need to rely on economic assistance groups in order to meet both external and internal economic obligations. The idea of aiding other poor countries is one that organizations such as the IMF , the World Bank , the Inter-American Development Bank etc. have in order to aids countries such as Nicaragua in their economic growth. Receiving loans and having to repay them has increasingly become a problem with which poor small countries have had to deal, since in many cases these countries are not able to repay these loans and the money is lost. By further analyzing why Nicaragua has not been able to become an industrialized country even after the economic interference of different organizations I hope to understand and identify why international interference has failed in Nicaragua and ultimately to see if anything further can be done for the country or if it is unlikely that the country will ever grow stably economically. As students of political economy we need to understand why international organizations fail to truly aid those that it needs to and why this occurs. Nicaragua internationally is the second poorest nation in the world, why has this occurred? Many scholars could argue that Nicaragua is poor due to corruption and mismanagement of the economy by the government. Other scholars could argue that Nicaragua is poor due to its agricultural economy which yields a minimal
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