The Problem Of Juvenile Delinquency Essay

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Abstract 250 words Introduction The problem of juvenile delinquency is not new to the society. It occurs in all societies simple as well as complex. Juvenile Delinquency is committing of criminal acts or offences by minors, i.e. juveniles (individuals younger than the statutory age of majority). These acts does not follow under the category of ‘crimes’ as they would be for adults. Rather, crimes committed by minors or juveniles are called ‘delinquent acts’. It is not only a legal problem but also a psychological problem and the one who has to tackle it has to consider both psychological and familial angles of the problem. It includes two types of behaviors, i.e. status and delinquent offences. Status offences are the ones which are inappropriate or unhealthy for children and the adolescents and thus the behavior is prohibited because of the age of the offender. Smoking, drinking, truancy and running away from home are some examples of status offences. Delinquent offences mean violation of legal statutes. For example, murder, rape, assault, harassment, stalking, robbery, etc. Special courts are established with specially trained Magistrates for the trial of the delinquents. Instead of a ‘trial’, the juvenile has ‘adjudication’, after which he/she receives a ‘disposition’ and a sentence. It also provides for the formation of reformatory schools for the delinquents. In a developing country like India the problem of juvenile neglect and delinquency is considerably increasing

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