The Problem Of Landfill In Toy Story 3 : Toy Story 3

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Take a moment to imagine the realization that a young boy came to when two of his favorite movies had a large plotline that was somewhat based on the problems of trash. Wall-E, the famous Pixar movie, was based on a small robot that was left behind on Earth’s surface alone. His job was to clean the garbage that the human population left behind when they went into space to escape their problems. Toy Story 3, another Pixar movie, contained a scene with garbage that was vital to the plot, in which the characters are rescued from a trash furnace that was consuming literally tons of trash a minute. These two movies tried to make the American population aware of the ever growing trash situation, however, Americans quickly forgot about the Earth shattering situation that they are causing. The solution to the world’s trash problem is easy; people need to be educated on the problems of trash and given an easy way to fix it. People should be required to visit a landfill, educated on the severity of the trash problem, and should be rewarded for changing their habits to improve the problem. All kids should be required to visit a landfill as an educational necessity. One large landfill, the GROWS Landfill, is “part of Waste Management Inc.’s 6,000-acre garbage treatment complex” (Rogers 187). 6,000 acres is roughly the size of 5,000 full football fields, which is enormous when you think about the vast size of this landfill and its trash. Schools should be required by law to make at
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