The Problem Of Law Enforcement Agencies Essay

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Define Problem The problem in Law Enforcement Agencies is the brother and sisterhood aspect of the department, for in order to survive as an officer, they need to support each other inside and outside of the department. When there is a person doing some sort of unethical or questionable action and recognized by a member of the department, there is two paths they can take: they ignore the act or take action. The government has legislation to protect those who fall under the “Whistleblower” title, but unfortunately, the dilemma of whether or not to report questionable or unethical behavior is an extreme one. Many people who are faced with reporting or ignoring what they saw often have their jobs, social, and personal lives to consider, as well as future opportunities. The lack of reporting and creating ignorance of something that should be brought up is what is creating a bad reputation for law enforcement professionals. Law enforcement officers do complain about the negativity of their jobs, yet there are times, where they are part of the problems; the ignorance of unethical decisions leads to foreseeable consequences. Assemble Some Evidence There are many cases in which people are faced with the dilemma of reporting activities, but at the risk of their lives, people have often chosen to forget they saw anything. On the other hand, there are people who have stepped up and have done the right thing, bringing forth change in their organization. The reporters often pay a high
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